“To call Kathy a Renaissance woman is to give too much credit to a little three hundred year span. Kathy is a thoughtful reader, an exacting editor, an informed and inspired researcher and an encouraging teacher. If you spend time with her and don’t learn something, you may want to have someone check you for a pulse.” -- Jennie E. Ver Steeg, Library Director. 

“Kathy Sotol writes short fiction that is poignant and risky and tough; she writes cultural criticism that is full-throated and needle-sharp and witty to boot. She has extensive teaching experience at many levels, is a world-class book-woman and a web-savvy researcher, and knows hawks from handsaws when the wind blows cold and rainy. I have often relied on her editing and proofing skills, always to my great benefit.” -- Leland Poague, Professor of English, Iowa State University. 

“Katherine is a very thorough, passionate, and knowledgeable tutor. Prior to working with her, my writing was disorganized and riddled with grammatical errors. By the time we worked on the third paper, my first draft was well-organized and had only a few grammatical errors. Because of her skills as a teacher and writer, I learned how to write "A" research papers for my courses.” -- Maria Smith, University of Washington Student. 

“Kathy Sotol is a meticulous and intuitive reader who can serve both the author’s need for expression and the reader’s need for comprehension.” -- Terry B.

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